Partial Success!

So, paying myself in fake money only slightly worked. What's turning out to be impressively effective is to hold my Internet hostage every morning.

I turn off my wifi, work for an hour, and then I can waste as much time as I want. Which, after the initial rush, isn't as much as it might be.

Learning from my past failures, I also set up some consequences. I told Sarah that if I used the Internet before my hour of work was up, I'd give her $100 to spend on something that I hated. (I don't know what we'd do with 112 cans of baby corn, but I'd just as soon never find out.)

Fear of tiny vegetables was more than enough to motivate me to complete my hour of work in record time (one hour).

Drunk on my success, I pledge to work 1.25 hours tomorrow, a substantial increase over the previous day's workload.


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