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How to Publish Your Book in 11 Easy Steps

So little over a year ago I finished writing a book. And I figured, no problem, all I have to do now is get someone to buy it.
Well, it's a little more complicated than that. But I've since streamlined the process and offer you my knowledge, free of charge.*

1. Query some agents. I used Query Tracker, and it was fantastically easy to search through and for tracking my numerous rejection letters.

2. Lose some hope. Not all of it, but a good chunk.

3. Re-double your efforts. This time be a bit more strategic. Ransack your connections for anyone who might know an agent. Find agents who like the kind of thing that you do. Enjoy more rejection letters.

4. I can't stress this enough. You really have to enjoy the rejection letters. My goal was to get up to 100 rejections, at which point I'd say screw it and self-publish the damn thing.

5. Realize that even if an agent liked it, they'd still have to find a publisher that liked it, essentially starting over the query proces…