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The Sting Incident

So several weekends ago Sarah and I had tickets to this two-day music festival about an 1.5 hours away in La Guacima. It was a pretty big deal for this country as Jamiroquai and Sting were both playing on the first and second days respectively. Personally I didn't care much about any of the artists, I just wanted to be there for the spectacle of the whole thing. Which was pretty spectaculous. Day 1. I wander around for 3 hours trying to find my friend Anne after I had unintentionally left her waiting for me for an hour. I almost got the security guards to announce her name on the loud speaker. But they said it was busy. It was pretty dark at that point so I gave up. Sarah and I then get Churros and enjoy the rest of the bands, and this impressively crazy tall white girl who was dancing in front of us. When, exhausted, we finally leave on the bus to go back to San Jose we both agree that we don't want to go back the next day. Day 2. Sarah decides (and then I agree) to