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Humans are Terrible People

I didn't see Ralph Nader speak today. I don't get to see him speak most days, but today I came closer than usual, so I think it's noteworthy. Ralphie Boy came to speak at Sarah's law school today and along with my Whitman friend Anthea, we almost got to see him speak. Here's what happened. Sarah had class in the place where the talk was going on, so she just stuck around and saved seats for Anthea and me. So far, so good. Except before Anthea and I could make our way through the long line to get into the room, a couple of girls ahead approached Sarah: 2 Girls: Are these seats saved? Sarah : Yes, sorry! 2 Girls: You can't save seats. Sarah : ...What? 2 Girls: You can't save seats. It's the rule. Sarah : Actually, there isn't a rule about saving seats... 2 Girls: (They ignore her and they promptly remove her stuff out of the seats, toss them at her and sit down.) Sarah : (Freezes in shock.) So by the time Anthea and I got into the room our se

The Adventures of Johnny Crazyfists - Episode 1

I'll do a real post later, but I've been meaning to put this up for awhile. This is a project I've been working on with my old college roommates Alex and Chris for uh... nearly a year. Figured I'd show it off. We're working on episode 2 right now, which features a trip to the old west and no fewer than six prostitutes! See/read more here:

Weapons of Self-Destruction

Let me tell you about the Internet: first you take everyone in the world, then you wire 'em all together and see what they want to talk about. Turns out, it's sex. But the great thing about the Internet (getting to talk about sex with a whole bunch of people) turns out to also be the worst thing about the Internet, as all the people you don't want to talk about sex with might just find out what you're doing. The Internet is probably the most perfect tool for embarrassment ever. It's like a friend that you can whisper all your darkest secrets to, who'll then promptly tell them to anyone with a password, a good amount of curiosity, or dumb luck. Let me tell you a cautionary tale about the Internet: first, take some private conversations (thankfully not mine). For argument's sake, let's say that these private conversations of yours have been automatically recorded and archived through Gchat's chat history. And again, for the sake of argument, le

America the Radical

My apologies for the weeks of silence. Many things have happened since the last post, very few of which will be remembered a year from now, perhaps with two notable exceptions. First, Sarah and I hosted an epic housewarming party, and secondly (but not less important) Barack Obama was elected president. Having spent a good chunk of this year out of the country, I think I have a pretty good read on what makes America awesome, and what makes it suck. In short, America's awesomeness comes from the spirit of rock 'n roll. America was founded by a bunch of people who didn't have anything to lose and could afford to say, "f**k it, let's not have a king." America does best when things are crappy enough that we can do the right thing without caring about the consequences. Example: It's 1932, everything's completely f'd up. But FDR's like, "alright, yeah, this sucks, but let's get some radical social programs out there. Maybe that'