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How to Publish Your Book in 11 Easy Steps

So little over a year ago I finished writing a book. And I figured, no problem, all I have to do now is get someone to buy it.
Well, it's a little more complicated than that. But I've since streamlined the process and offer you my knowledge, free of charge.*

1. Query some agents. I used Query Tracker, and it was fantastically easy to search through and for tracking my numerous rejection letters.

2. Lose some hope. Not all of it, but a good chunk.

3. Re-double your efforts. This time be a bit more strategic. Ransack your connections for anyone who might know an agent. Find agents who like the kind of thing that you do. Enjoy more rejection letters.

4. I can't stress this enough. You really have to enjoy the rejection letters. My goal was to get up to 100 rejections, at which point I'd say screw it and self-publish the damn thing.

5. Realize that even if an agent liked it, they'd still have to find a publisher that liked it, essentially starting over the query proces…


My ridiculous podcast will be playing at the Bumbershoot music festival on September 1st.

If you happen to be in Seattle, it'll be a good time. We'll be celebrating the oeuvre of Nicholas Cage, specifically his outstanding work in City of Angels, where he's an angel, Ghost Rider, where he's a demon, and The Wicker Man, where he dresses up as a bear and clobbers people.

That is all.