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Not dead!

I had a quick bout with food poisoning yesterday. It was not all that awesome, but getting over it certainly was. I finally feel like I'm caught up on sleep and I think it's starting to hit me that I'm not really a tourist here. Like it would make sense for me to change my room to fit my style. The weird thing is, my first instinct upon realizing that this actually is my home for the next 5 months is to go out and buy stuff. Stupid stuff too, like Q-tips are probably at the top of my list. After this internet cafe I'm going to track down some kind of supermarket or pharmacy. Oh and photos! I'm going to upload photos somehow.

¡Election Day!

So February 5th is election day in Costa Rica which means that everyone gets as many flags as possible, hangs them out of their windows and drives around honking vigorously. Then afterwards, there´s a party. Sure it´s no electoral college, but you gotta admire the passion behind the honking and flag waving. It almost making me regret being an apathetic liberal. Another cool quirk is that the day of, the day before, and the day after the election the whole country goes dry. No alcohol is sold whatsoever until midnight on Tuesday. It´s kinda funny since my birthday is on the 6th, so despite my turning 21 I still won´t be able to drink for at least another day. I think I´ll survive, mainly because there´s no ban on huffing paint. Rock. After I get out of this internet café with Sarah and her friends I´m going to my host family´s grandparents´ house for Sunday dinner. The food has been really good so far. Staples have been fried platanos, rice, beans, cheese, and I just had this