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The Class Struggle

I had my first class of the new semester yesterday and one of my professors said something that just floored me: "Class is the last taboo in America." And here I was thinking it was bestiality. Once again, I owe a sincere appology to Eddie Munster . And John Travolta . And possibly Catherine the Great . There's only one way to find out if class is a taboo or not: the comedy test. As Wikipedia tells me: "When done as a parody or comedy, said or done by comedians, taboo topics and subject matter can induce comical reaction by the general public..." There were several bestiality jokes in the beginning of this post. I thought they were funny. So it's probably still taboo. And a fun one at that. So is class still taboo? I've got two reasons to think it isn't. 1. Aren't we all poor now? I mean I guess you can still have bragging rights about the 6-figure job you used to have, but when unemployment runs out, we'll all be in line at Walmart t

Yo Joe!

Let me start off by saying that I am not one of the G.I. Joe faithful. Sure, I know what half the battle is (and even more recently, what comprises the other half ), and I followed the general story arc of the series (shoot the bad guys). But since my house growing up was NRA unfriendly, the Joes and I always kept our distance. That being said, G.I. Joe was fun. I've realized my purpose in life. I am here to separate the two kinds of bad things in the world. To sift out the "so bad it's good" from the "so bad it's bad." I'm happy to report that for me at least, G.I. Joe falls solidly in the former category. Lemme quickly give you a greatest hits rundown of the movie. Spoilers may follow. 1. Ninja fight. One all in black and one all in white. But get this, the black one is the good one! Welcome to Obama's America, people. 2. Sienna Miller shows her range as being able to play a blonde and an brunnette. 3. There's an underwater playset f

Satan's Presidency

As a general rule I don't watch anything on YouTube over 2 minutes long unless it's about a shopping penguin , and it's a rule I don't advise breaking. So to save you time, I'll summarize this video: If you take a passage from Luke 10:18, "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven" and translate it back to the Hebrew, which is close enough to the original Aramaic, "lightning" and "heaven" can be translated as Baraq and Bamah! Some people might say that this means Luke is naming President Baraq Bamah (sp?) as the Antichrist, but that's an easy misinterpretation. The real Antichrist is, and always has been, the Barracks in (Ala)bama. That's right, I'm talking about Fort Rucker . Is it any coincidence that Fort Rucker, if transposed through a spoonerism, becomes Rort F____r? And as we all know, rort is slang for scam in Australia, a country founded on colonies of criminals. So then rort would be a scammer of criminals,