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How I Spent My Winter Vacation

Wow, been a little while, huh? So I had my wisdom tooth taken out earlier this month. Just one though, in the bottom left slot. Turns out the one on the right doesn't exist and the two on the top are just too puny to be bothered with right now. I haven't been famously great with decision-making, so it was a tough one when they asked me how I wanted to be sedated. There's general anesthesia, an IV drip, and nitrous. Then, for those of us whose last name is Hulk, first name "The Incredible," there's the novocaine-only option. Wikipedia told me there's a 1 in 350,000 chance of dying under general, so that was out, because I'm pretty sure I'm one in a million, and would hate to have to die three times to prove it. (That's how odds work, right?) The IV drip had too much in common with Rocky IV, so I had to pass on that too. Nitrous, on the other hand, is awesome. 1. It makes cars go faster . 2. It makes whipped cream more delicious. 3. It prov