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You Gotta Fight... For Your Right... To Organize!

Last Wednesday while I was at SFSU, packing a week's worth of classes into one day, I saw this great flier that went a little something like this: "10,000 Students have already been turned away from CSUs! Student fees have raised 135%! All around the world, students are rioting in protest! What are we going to do about it? Come attend an organizing meeting!" Now that's a battlecry I can get behind. In fact, it's been shown through the ages that asking people to attend organizing meetings is by far the quickest route to revolution. In fact, some of you might be reminded of this Margaret Mead quotation: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens, (arguing over what to do next and falling asleep in a boring meeting) can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Truly inspirational. And most people don't realize that Paul Revere's real message was: "The British are coming! Let's

Best. Holiday. Ever.

So, Valentine's Day, right? I can appreciate that it might not be everyone's favorite holiday. It's pretty easy to take some pot shots at it: 1. The Hippie Purist angle: "It's supposed to be about the love, man. Hallmark just commercialized it. Which is why I build my valentine cards out of hemp that I weave myself." 2. The Eleanor Rigby angle: "This holiday is dedicated to making me feel terrible for being alone. (Ah, look at all the lonely people)" 3. Bugs Moran's angle: "All of my men were killed in a massacre . I'm also very lonely." 4. The Pink M&M hating angle: "These pink M&Ms are ruining the sanctity of marriage." But here at Ezra Not in Malaysia , we prefer to take the alternative view of things, regardless of whether or not it's sensible. With that in mind, I give you 8 reasons why Valentine's Day is a fantastic holiday. 1. It's pedophile-friendly. This might not seem like a g