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Budget Cuts

So for those of you who haven't been reading the news , now is not the best time to be reliant on the state of California for anything. Unfortunately, as a student of a public university, I'm currently looking to them to make me a writer. Not the best idea. A few weeks ago, SFSU decided that me going to school one day a week was just too much, so there was a furlough day on my one day of school. For people unfamiliar with the term, furlough mean teachers don't work, the school doesn't pay them, and I have 13 days off in a row for no good reason. It's a crazy, debt-ridden world we're living in, people. Greeting me upon my triumphant return to school was a cat-sized dust bunny in the corner of my classroom. A fellow student was quick to point out that this was clearly an "F-you" dust bunny, and I'm inclined to agree. If tenured teachers are taking mandatory days off, then imagine what the administration's doing to cut the costs of people who

Kanye feels the wrath of my Photoshop.

I discovered how to use Photoshop. Take that, Kanye.