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#1 - John McKenna/John McKenna's Mustache

My high school buddy John McKenna has a mustache. He has other excellent features too, and is a genuinely wonderful human being, but anyone who knows him would probably say the 'stache gets top billing. Some might say that growing a mustache is a short-cut to being liked. Perhaps. But to be loved, you have to grow a great one. John is an artist, but the kind of artist who just makes awesome things. He creates with the kind of enthusiasm that only comes from doing exactly what you want to do. Like a ninja bunny. Or this wandering sorcerer. Or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles, if they were actually turtles. It's pretty inspiring. You work hard to kick ass at the thing you love, then you procede to kick ass. And in the meantime, you cultivate a killer mustache. Oh, and at one party, John battered and deep fried a strip of bacon. He is beyond reproach. -Ezra 1/1000

1,000 Fans

Ah, the internet: Infinite power and we get millions of people telling you to read their stupid blog. Go figure. (Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by !) The Internet is so full of self promotion it's easy to get burnt out on it. We have an insanely efficient medium for making things and telling people about it, but it gets noisy when everyone's making and telling. Sooner or later, the artists outnumber the audience. For example, I make a podcast every week, but I almost never listen to other podcasts. I've occasionally written a blog here (2 last year!) but aside from my friends'  Anna's and Colleen's , I don't read blogs either. Truth is, I've wanted to get famous for a while, (or at least Internet Famous) so I haven't felt like I had any time to be a fan. In other words, I haven't had time to like people--I've been too busy trying to get people to like me. And if that doesn't sound great reading it, it doesn't f