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Good news!

I'm home. For me that has meant flipping between thinking everything is normal and being weirded-out that everything is so normal . Truly bizarre. But despite everyone speaking English, the abundance of fat white people, and the conspicuous absence cheap public buses and taxis that go everywhere (driving? So odd.), you get used to it. I do miss my gringo-cool that I finally perfected. I was talking with a stranger who told me about his friend who went to China. He said that what emerged were these two different selves. The new Chinese self was bumbling and kind of dim and that's what he left behind when he left the country and went back to being a local. So maybe I miss my Costa Rican self. Sure he got lost and sunburned a lot, and he made a whole bunch of mistakes, but he was eager to learn and fail. He tried his best, and to be honest, I'm not sure if my American self always does that. I don't think he died, I just think he stayed in Costa Rica. So may