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Miami 95 - San Antonio 88

I am not Tim Duncan. I didn't just lose Game 7 of the NBA finals. Actually, I'm pretty sure I didn't even play. But I still felt bad, and that's kind of incredible. Look at that face. Try and tell him he doesn't get a fifth championship. I felt bad because I like Tim Duncan. He seems like a nice guy. He's 37. He has a kid. On the close-up after he missed a shot that would've tied the game, I could see white hairs in his beard. He's old by NBA standards, and even though he's won 4 championships, a 5th would put him in the rare upper echelons of NBA players. Is it important to be in those echelons? I don't know. I thought so. But at the same time, Larry Bird has 3 rings, and people seem to think he was pretty okay. I felt bad because I want people to live forever. And I realize now that I might have some disappointment ahead of me. I hate the idea that at 37, Tim Duncan might've already peaked. Hell, I hate the idea that it's eve