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Tres de Mayo

I was telling Sarah that Cinco de Mayo was a right crappy name for a holiday, since it was just the name of the date. Then she pointed out that 4th of July was the same thing. Fair enough. So in short, this has been a month of family and travel. Sarah's parents and sister came in the begining of April and took us to Dominical for Semana Santa where I more or less learned how to surf. Then, with a few hours of overlap, my sister Fay came in from London and we traveled to Monteverde. Picture a national cloud forest reserve but then surround it with miles of bumpy dustyy roads. Then stick tourists in there. We did meet some cool Swiss guys, Josh and Ilan, as well as an older Swiss couple, Balthazar and Caroline. The great discoveries of our conversations together were that Swiss cheese was actually Emmental , and that Swiss Miss does not exist in Switzerland . As a side note, my parents are currently enjoying themselves in Monteverde as I plod through the rest of my academic week