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29 Days Earlier

Dear Blog world, How's it going? You guys look great. Really. New browser? It shows. So, I haven't written too much this year. Or rather, I have, but very little of it has been on this site. Some has been at Out of the Storm News . Some of it has been for Pheon , a Facebook game. Some of it has been for Precipitate and guest blogs . And of course, most of it has been on my humble novel about the end of all time. But I like this blog. And I like how I feel when I write it. You, Internet, you don't judge me. Or if you do, you don't tell me about. Or if you do, your comments get flagged as spam and I don't read them. So I thank you for that. The summer is halfway gone, and I need to set some goals. Moreover, I need to put the goals out in the world so that someone can hold me accountable, even if it's just the thought of other people (and commenting Spam Bots ) that I'm accountable to. Actually, it's a short list this time. Goals: 1. Finish the nove