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29 Days Earlier

Dear Blog world,How's it going? You guys look great. Really. New browser? It shows.
So, I haven't written too much this year. Or rather, I have, but very little of it has been on this site.
Some has been at Out of the Storm News. Some of it has been for Pheon, a Facebook game. Some of it has been for Precipitate and guest blogs.
And of course, most of it has been on my humble novel about the end of all time.
But I like this blog. And I like how I feel when I write it. You, Internet, you don't judge me. Or if you do, you don't tell me about. Or if you do, your comments get flagged as spam and I don't read them. So I thank you for that.
The summer is halfway gone, and I need to set some goals. Moreover, I need to put the goals out in the world so that someone can hold me accountable, even if it's just the thought of other people (and commenting Spam Bots) that I'm accountable to.
Actually, it's a short list this time.
Goals: 1. Finish the novel.
End of goals.