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... And The Living's E-Z

Welcome to summertime , people. Now I know for some of you that are 1) on the quarter system, 2) in the real world, or 3) knowledgeable of how seasons work on this planet, I might be jumping the gun a bit. So be it. It's summer because I'm once again freed from my one meager responsibility of attending SFSU classes one day a week. Without it I'm now adrift in a sea of possibilities, much like I was two years ago after graduating from college, and one year ago after being unleashed on Southeast Asia. Not wanting a repeat performance of trying to finish the Internet, I've decided to make real goals for myself this summer. 1. Read 100 pages a day (or 9,000 pages total). At this point I'm not making judgments on content, but it probably shouldn't be entirely Goosebumps ... again. 2. Write 500 words a day. Preferably in English. Preferably real words. Preferably in sentences that morke sense. 3. See 30 movies. Hopefully good ones, but if I can make fun

Fascist Hippies

It's easy to hate on hippies, and for the longest time I had a hard time figuring out why. What are the main hippie ideals? 1. Love. Nothing wrong there. 2. Peace. Also largely sensible. 3. Drugs. Not necessarily my pot of tea, but nothing wrong with that if you like it. 4. Drum circles. Hmmm... I'm not the biggest fan. I don't like that you can't get out. 5. Natural things. This casts a pretty wide net. I'm going to reserve judgment for a bit. Last weekend I was at a crazy hippie-fest known as the "Whole Earth Festival" and I wanted to like it. By and large, the hippie message has a pretty sound foundation, since at least the first two of the five pillars of hippie are generally fine things to have. So why did I feel such an overwhelming distaste for the hippies? Three things you will find at a hippie-fest: 1. Raw food that costs as much as real food. Shouldn't they give you a discount if they're not going to cook it for you? 2. Expensi